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Research Team

Sherwin Ona, PhD

Dr. Ona is an associate professor of political science and development studies at the College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University. Dr. Ona’s general specialization is in the use of ICT for societal development, focusing on the use of ICT in public administration. As the former research and advanced studies director of College of Computer Studies-DLSU and head of the Center for ICT for Development of the College of Computer Studies, Dr. Ona also served as consultant to various government agencies namely the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT), Office of the President, Republic of the Philippines (2005-2007) and the Career Executive Service Board (CESB), Civil Service Commission (2010-present). It was during his stint at the CICT that Dr. Ona became part of the APEC-Telecoms working group on the establishment of a Government Chief Information Officer Training Model for APEC economies.

Earning his PhD in Development Studies from DLSU-Manila in 2011, Dr. Ona was also part of the iGov PhD Summer Institute as a participant (2009) and then as junior faculty (2010). The iGov program is under the Center for Technology in Government (CTG), State University of New York (Albany), USA.

At present, Dr. Ona heads the project that aims to develop a competency-based capacity building program on Open Government for LGUs, CSOs, and the media. The project is under the Open Data for Development (OD4D) of the IDRC and Web Foundation.

Sarah Angeles

Sarah Angeles is working as an IT analyst in one of the largest broadcasting media in the country. She is engaged in HR and IT related projects where she is given the opportunities to develop technical skills in Business Process, Software analysis and design, QA testing and Project Management.

She recently earned her MS degree in IT at DLSU and had been a research assistant at DLSU-CITe4D.  Her research paper on Community Information for MHCC cultivate her interest on exploring avenues where ICT can mobilize community participation on MHCC in the rural communities.

Michelle Ching

Michelle Ching is an Assistant Professor in De La Salle University since 2013 and in De La Salle University - Science and Technology Complex since 2010. She received her Bachelor of Science in Information Management Degree in De La Salle University - Science and Technology Complex in 2009 with Honors and Master of Science in Information Technology in De La Salle University - Manila in 2015. She had worked in Megaworld Corporation as a Junior Management Information Associate, Manila Cordage Company as a Software Quality Tester and conducts training as well, and had her on-the-job training in Accenture under the Accenture Education Program. 

She had produced an MIS Policy Framework on Open Government Data for Local Government Units in Maternal Health and Child Care in the Philippines as her Master's Degree Thesis and published 2 papers under Open Government Data. The area that she studied was in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, which is composed of 11 Barangay Health Centers in its City Health Office 1 and 10 Barangay Health Centers in its City Health Office 2. Issues that were looked at were on Mortality Rate, Teen Pregnancy, Vaccinations, Malnutrition, and Vitamin Deficiency.

Ma. Beth S. Concepcion

She is a faculty member of West Visayas State University – Institute of Information and Communications Technology (WVSU-IICT). She was designated as the College Secretary (2010-2014), Department Chair of Information Systems (2004-2010), Department Chair of Information Technology (2006-2007), Extension Coordinator (2003-2005), Project Leader of Extension Project “Bringing Youth Technology Empowerment” (2006-2014) and Thesis / Student Research Coordinator (2006-2014).

She has presented research papers in international conferences and published papers in peer-reviewed journals on the fields of decision support systems, data mining, and information science.

She earned her Masters in Information Management at University of St. La Salle-Bacolod City and Bachelor of Science in Information Management at West Visayas State University, Cum Laude.

Presently, she is a graduate student at De La Salle University taking up Doctor of Information Technology where she is also involved in Open Data Research Project. She wants to explore research avenues of ICT and open data in community health and disaster risk reduction.

Ian Jayson Hecita

He possesses over 10 years of international and local research, teaching, and community work in the field of politics, governance, and development studies. He is concurrently Research Associate at the DLSU- Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance (DLSU-JMRIG) and Lecturer of Political Science at Department of Political Science at DLSU. In 2010, Mr. Hecita was Visiting Research Scholar at the Institute of Energy Systems, Economics, and Sustainability (IESES) at the Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee, FL. In 2009 was a Visiting Fellow at the Theodore Heuss International Academy of Leadership in Gummersbach, Germany.

As Research Associate at DLSU JMRIG, Mr. Hecita has been engaged in research and capacity building projects focusing on transparency and accountability in governance particularly the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in improving governance and development outcomes. He has also worked with local civil society organizations (CSOs) in developing knowledge products such as training modules, needs-assessment reports, strategic planning guidelines, and learning manuals on CSO empowerment and anti-corruption initiatives in the Philippines. As Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, Mr. Hecita handles undergraduate courses on Political Science, Local Governance, and e-Governance. His research interests include local governance, local policy change and innovation, e-governance, and disaster risk reduction.

Mr. Hecita is a member of the International Society for Third Sector Research, Philippine ICT Research Network, and the Philippine Political Science Association.

Tiffany Padilla

Tiffany Padilla is a practitioner in the ICT industry for over 6 years. She has worked with different platforms such as EDI, Mainframe, AS400 and Windows Servers. She currently works in one of the largest IT service delivery organizations delivering best-in-class services. In her role, she engages with different customers and teams from EMEA and APJ regions, supporting the IT environments of customers utilizing enterprise cloud services. She is also an ISO 20000 Internal Auditor and ITIL trainer. Ms. Padilla is presently a graduate student and research assistant at the DLSU Center for ICT for Development (CITe4D). Her research interests include service industry, knowledge management and knowledge-intensive organizations. As a member of the OGD project, she hopes to sharpen her research methods and skills, learn from her peers and contribute with her knowledge management expertise. 

Louis Mark Plaza

Mark Plaza is an assistant professor at the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT). He holds a degree in Master of Science in Information Technology from De La Salle University Manila. During his post-graduate studies, he was a researcher at the DLSU Center for IT for Development (CITe4D) and studied the role of ICT in peacebuilding through E-participation. 

Mr. Plaza is part of the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao (IPDM) in MSU-IIT. He studies the ongoing peace talks (Track I dialogues) between the Government of the Philippines and the Moro armed groups. Also, he is interested in the peace advocacy projects implemented by Pailig Development Foundation, Civil Society Organization Forum for Peace, PeaceTech and the German institution- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).In December 2010 to June 2011, he observed the community dialogues (Track II dialogues) that were conducted in Lanao del Norte.  His research interests include E-Participation, participatory practices, collaborative projects,armed conflict and peacebuilding theories and activities.

Estefanie Ulit

She is an assistant professor in the College of Computer Studies in De La Salle University - Manila. She is the current research director of the Center for ICT for Development (CITe4D), which houses research projects on the use of new technologies for societal and economic development. She has published research papers and presented conferences on e-governance and e-learning in both local and international venues.

Ms. Ulit's study about adopting e-participation in the Senate developed her interest in the emerging field of open government and open data. She believes that there is a significant link between open government or open data practices and participatory governance. She wants to explore how ICTs may be used in such fields in order to improve governance and design mechanisms which will enhance citizen participation.

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