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International Projects

Building capacities for opening government: Addressing challenges of open data adoption in local governments and non-government stakeholders in Kenya and the Philippines through a competency-based capacity building program
This project intends to develop a competency-based capacity building program for open government. Targeting local government units, civil society organizations and the media, this project aims to develop a set of open government competencies that can guide in the development of training programs in the Philippines and Kenya.


World Wide Web Foundation

The IDRC under the Open Data for Development (OD4D) Program

Participating Organizations

  • Jesse Robredo Institute of Governance (JRIG) -- De La Salle University, Manila Philippines
  • Jesuit Hakimani, Nairobi, Kenya


Examining transparency and accountability initiatives in Philippine local governments: A Tale of Two Cities
This study aims to examine the current practices of two cities in the Philippines. Using the comparative and content analysis techniques, this study will study the current transparency and accountability initiatives (TAI) and technology-for TAI practices of Metro Iloilo and Metro Naga cities. The study also intends to develop a case study based on the TAI and Tech4TAIs of Metro Naga and Metro Iloilo. By examining current practices, the study will adopt comparative analysis techniques to identify factors and issues that support and hinder TAIs.

Main Proponent

Jesse Robredo Institute of Governance (JRIG), De La Salle University

Submitted to the Making All Voices Count grant call

Open government in the Philippines: exploring the role of open government data (OGD) and use the new technologies in the delivery of public services

The study examined current best practices in OGD and use these practices as possible benchmarks for the Philippines. The aim of this exercise is to uncover possible OGD innovation and learning opportunities to enhance localization of public programs. In particular, the project examined the current Philippine OGD practices of selected health and economic programs. With the purpose of establishing local context, the study will dissect the OGD practices by focusing on four aspects, namely: 1) Access medium & Storage; 2) Data Types and Formats; 3) Distribution of data to local units and how OGD is re-used; and 4) Current policies and MIS practices supporting OGD initiatives.

Participating Organizations

Center for ICT for Development (CITe4D), College of Computer Studies, De La Salle University


World Wide Wed Foundation & the IDRC under the Open Data for Developing Countries (ODDC) program

Completed.The project is in its dissemination phase.

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